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Sensory analysis needs the human touch

You can’t beat the human senses for measuring the crispness of a baguette and other sensory attributes of foods. That makes the DuPont sensory panel an indispensable tool.

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Video: Profile of a crisp baguette

Jan Charles Hansen and Stine Møller explain the essential role of the DuPont sensory panel when evaluating crispness in three baguette samples.

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Crispness at full volume

Evaluating the quality of bake-off baguettes is not just about crispness. Volume is another key consideration.

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Insights from emerging markets

Our international team shares their knowledge of the latest bake-off trends.

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A pastry crust above the rest

Tests with fat reduction have found a way to keep filled pastries dry and crisp.

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Free-from is no fleeting fashion

There’s plenty of potential for bake-off on the growing free-from market. And solutions are on the way.

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Delicious bread puts a lid on hunger

Bread high in fibre and protein has a future in weight management.

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